Filling a Void

I always try to hunker down during the holidays and I’m just now staring to feel the energy for another year. This is always a good time for sorting out the piles of stuff that accumulate during a year and I like to think that I can see some shape to the upcoming year as I get back to the studio.
So far, this is what I’ve got in mind.
Jason and I will make a serious effort to build the new salt kiln this winter.
I believe a couple of blogging gentlemen from NC will be visiting LibertyTown in early March for some sort of festivities.
I plan to spend the summer with my ever growing group of friends in Great Britain.
I’m also planning an event to be held in Washington DC (our nation’s capital!) next autumn. It’s still top secret, but watch these pages for further information.
And, of course, there are pots to make, kilns to fill and miles to go before I sleep.
I hope that you are all well and that you are ready for another big year. Thanks for staying tuned! Dan

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  1. Dennis Allen

    I have to keep some heat in the studio to keep the clay from freezing so I feel guilty if I don’t get out there and do something.Without the pressure of shows it is a nice time to listen to NPR and make prototypes of new designs.Keep us posted about the big events.

  2. cookingwithgas

    It sounds like you have an exciting year going already- or at least a plan.
    The getting rid of the cluttering seems to help the mood.
    Plus if you are having the same winter we are this is a good year to get going on things.
    Not cold enough or messy enough to have a good excuse to do nothing, darn it.

  3. Paul Jessop

    Hi Dan, Glad to hear you are coming over to the UK, I will make sure we meet up at some point, washington sounds interesting, Marion’s son might be posted out there for a few years if he goes it will be a great place for us to visit.


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