Excellent Results

My title here refers to firing # 8 and the election of my great friend Bea Paolucci who will soon be sworn in as our newest member of city council!
Congratulations, Bea! and congratulations to me (if I am allowed), the firing was terrific! Far superior to the previous seven with great heat and color. 12 lbs. of salt in the first chamber (for the first time ever) gave the pots a silky rich surface without going to glassy. My camera does no justice to the pots color-wise…you’ll have to trust me. The second chamber had a number of gems, but one big problem that only reared it’s ugly head at this juncture. Getting the proper reduction in the first chamber put carbon on a significant # of pots in the second chamber and resulted in slips blistering. I think I know how to cure that (thanks, Toff!) and I also need to cut back the reduction in #2 or else make some clay/slip changes. Still, I am very pleased with this result and I’ll write more about it soon…I’m still feeling worn out and we’ve got receptions at LibertyTown two nights running for our patron show. I’m looking forward to some lazier days!

12 Responses to “Excellent Results”

  1. Nu Kua

    congratulations on a good firing!
    And Wow!! That Bird is Stunning!!!!
    love to see more pics……. 🙂

  2. Ron

    I really love those two big glazed jars on the board on the well. Everything looks fab though. I recognize some slip issues in the second chamber. I started to see a lot of that during my last firings in the salt kiln. I’m curious what you’ll do to rectify that. Great Bird!

  3. Dennis Allen

    Ah woodfiring.You look at some pots and say “Holy Crap that’s unbelievable” (Like that bird) Others you look at and say “wholey Crap”

  4. Courtney

    These look GORGEOUS! I’m so happy for you 🙂 Hopefully I can make a trips down there this summer and see your latest work in-person!

    XOX Courtney Pie

  5. Hannah

    That bird is the business. Love love love the bearded chap too. Some tasty looking pots Mr F. Well done you and your team.

  6. Incognito

    I keep going back to the pic of the bird’s feathers and am just blown away by the perfection I am seeing there! Wow! All the pots look gorgeous; great effort and fabulous result!

  7. ang

    that was a lovely load..and yep love the bird very nice detail..and talk about barn dressing very nice!!


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