Everyone Needs a ‘Different Dave’

Hollis was reading my mind as I wrote last…Doug Fitch often writes about his friend, Dave, who always seems to be coming over to build a shed. I haven’t built anything in years without the help of Michael Littlefield, MY great friend and builder extraordinaire. We finished the portico (sounds much more expensive than shed!) Saturday afternoon and I finished up the roof on one of the wood piles. One more building project and then it’s back to making pots. I can feel my mind slowly shifting gears from thoughts of building with wood to building things with clay. 

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  1. Kings Creek Pottery

    Great building~ I like the chair swing. We have George who helps us with all things building and repairing. He has worked with us for 15 years and probably knows more about our property than we do!! His next project: a kiln shed

  2. Anna

    Nice portico! It’ll definitely come in handy on those rainy/sunny unloading days…and the swing is a nice touch. Bet Elly loves it!

  3. cindy shake

    Wonderful building! My “Dave” is my husband Derek -but I’d like to clone him… With all of my “honey-do’s” Derek would probably like to be cloned too :o)


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