Every Firing An Adventure

It took about 6 hours to unload the 100’s of pots that filled the two chambers. The weather was fine and so was the company. We unloaded in beautiful sunshine and there are too many good pots to take in at once! Of course, there are still great mysteries to be solved and I’ll head back tomorrow to start sorting things out. 
I think this large jar is my favorite.
Second chamber
First chamber
The tiles are still standing and they look very good.

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  1. Hannah

    Indeedy that big jar looks luscious, as does his wee brother next door. Congratulations to you and yur fab team. Look forward to more pictures.

  2. Loren Scherbak

    Are the tiles removed and new tiles put up every firing? Do you always fire with that configuration on your bagwall? I seem to be changing my bagwall configuration every firing and it can change my firing dramatically. I would love to read your thoughts on bagwall pots.


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