Epic Pots

I’ve had three loose ends to wrap up on my new studio before I start making pots for firing #5 this fall. Today, on another miserably steamy hot day, I crossed one off of my list. I’m hoping to get my hands on some clay Thursday…the first time since April!
In spite of making most of my work on the wheel, I’ve always enjoyed handbuilding and last year I decided that I’d start each making cycle with a big coil built pot. I even gave them the rather pretentious title of “Epic Pots”. Here are some photos of the first two and if my Thursday plan comes to pass, I’m planning on starting a giant teapot.

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  1. Fredericksburg,

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the kind words. I was just looking at your website, enjoying some of your work. I continue to enjoy the pitcher we traded last time I was at Penland!
    The taller coil pot is about 24″ high, the fat one is close to that in width. I REALLY like the fatty!


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