Enough With the Birds, Already!

    As the temperature and humidity drop, my energy rises and it just might be the leading edge of autumn that we are experiencing. Thank goodness. It is always a bit of an interesting adjustment, returning home after significant time away, but throw in the tail end of a virginia summer and I find that I am not overly motivated. Momentum is needed and there’s nothing like picking a firing date to increase the pace of work. I will set that date soon, but it’s easier to stay relaxed until I do. 
    And I need to get this bird obsession out of my system…but each time I make one I think of two new wrinkles to introduce for the next. Years ago I made a series of pots I called ‘Flounder’ pots because of their narrow profile. It seemed obvious to turn a couple into birds. Here are two I finished building today. I might have to set a moratorium on more photos until I have some proper pots to show…maybe even a 12×12 morning to break the spell. 
trying a more wing-like wing here on the right…
On the left is ‘Ulswater’ and on the right, ‘Victor’.
(not many good “U” names)

8 Responses to “Enough With the Birds, Already!”

  1. Linda Starr

    I remember the first time I went fishing with my brother and caught a ling cod and was surprised at their shape, these are both wonderful. I’ve enjoyed seeing all your birds.

  2. Christine H S

    Sometimes it is just better to run with obsessions, keep going while you’re inspired I say especially as Victor and Ullswater are great – I like the flounder shape.
    (Thanks for adding me to your bloggers list by the way, but I should point out that it is the Scottish ‘och’ in Barnbarroch not ‘ck’) Och weel, all for noo!

  3. Incognito

    Love the birds and especially enamored of the way you are introducing some with more functionality. “Stay with it” from one who embraces the obsessions. . . .


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