Let me be the first to say that the earth really does move…so does your house…I ran out as fast as I could, feeling quite sure that it was about to fall on top of me. They say it lasted 30 seconds…I couldn’t say. It was thrilling…and overwhelming to get a taste of the complete absence of control we have over ol’ Ma nature. All is well…minor breakage and every frame askew.

14 Responses to “Earthquake!!??!!”

  1. Judy Abdelaziz

    My wooden shades started clicking and I thought perhaps someone was nailing my flashing back on, but no one was there. I found out afterwards that there was an earthquake.

  2. Christine

    As soon as I heard where it had hit I thought of you, and wondered how kiln, pots and all had fared. What an experience, I can’t think of anything more frightening myself. So glad all is ok with you.

  3. Anna

    Just a rumbling here in C’ville but am getting reports from freinds closer to Lousia of damage and aftershocks. Lake Anna was shut down.

  4. Hollis Engley

    Remarkably, the quake struck here on Cape Cod, too, though I didn’t feel it. Dee said it was felt in her office. Like gz, I wondered about the kiln, then remembered the lovely red iron frame.

  5. Liberty Stoneware

    Dan, When I was woke from my nap by my walls shaking and the bed moving I thought the floor joists in my house were getting REALLY bad! But then I realized what it was and thought, “if I felt it that hard, how hard did Dan feel that?” Glad to hear everything is okay and only minor damage!


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