Deco-Rotation Demonstration Invitation

Just one week from today there will be an historic gathering  of brush wielders and slip carvers at LibertyTown Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg (our fair city) Virginia. In addition to the North Carolina travelers (that would be Michael Kline and Ron Philbeck) we will be joined by our very own Trista Chapman and her pots of many colors. Rumor has it that Brandon Philips might make an appearance as he winds up his trail drive to the east coast. Call us at LibertyTown for more details… a multitude of potters, pizza and beer should make for some excellent entertainment! 540-371-7255

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  1. Pheasant Run Studio

    Just got the DVD in the mail; great service!
    I’ll pop it in the computer as soon as I finish this comment. The Deco-Rotation sounds exciting; wish I could be there. I must retire one of these days so I can attend more of this good stuff.


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