Dan Finnegan – Star of Stage and Screen

Several years ago I was asked to be the subject of a short film by a young local filmmaker, Timothy Ryan Poe. It was an interesting process and I really like what he did. If you know me at all, you know that I can be a bit overenthusiastic, but this film shows a very different side of me. Ryan knew very little about my world and my work and I deliberately avoided shaping the film. I wanted to see what he would find interesting. As a result it is less of an action film than a ‘talkie’ with some really cool scenes of my studio, kiln and the property where I work. And there are several  little short films included…my favorite is seeing a pot made from directly above!

The filming happened during a very hot spell and I look like hell….my friends hate this photo, but it’s a reality show! No make-up here!

I have plenty of copies available. $15.00 which includes shipping in the US. Let me know via email or facebook and I’ll post it right away.


Ryan's video

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  1. Timothy Patrick Finnegan

    Wait a minute! Now you’re doing film? How would you like it if I started throwing pots?


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