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Dr. Mike Costa got a mug of mine last week…here’s the e-mail I received yesterday:

Mug questions
microwave safe?
how about gamma rays? If nuclear attack is impending should I encase it in lead or can I just leave it exposed on the shelf.
How about temperature ranges – if as expected my kitchen approaches absolute zero tonight will the mug shatter into its component atoms?
Please reply – the responsibility of being an owner of a genuine Dan Finnegan mug is weighing heavily on my me.
M costa

Now this is a man who takes his pottery seriously!
I am always amazed at how much importance a simple mug can have to it’s owner. Here in the ‘Burg my mugs sometime seem to have a cult-like following. I’ve witnessed a woman take her DF mug from her purse in a restaurant and hand it to the waitress, telling her that she ONLY drinks from this mug! I also hear the stories of work mugs being stolen, of spouses who fight over a certain one, or worse yet, a spouse who has broken their mate’s mug and wants to get a replacement just like the broken one! (good luck with that…it’s been more than 20 years since I made ‘standard ware’). I always wish I had kept track of how many mugs I’ve made. A very low guess-timate goes like this:
200 mugs/year x 30 years = 6000.
Back in the early production days I probably made closer to 400 or 500 a year. I wonder where they all went? Now that would be a cool satellite map… dots atop every household that has a piece of mine!

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  1. Michael Kline

    I think a google map of households containing at least one DF mug is a great idea. But what about the more important question of the lead mug cozy. Where does one get one if one wants to take precautions fromWMD?

  2. Hollis Engley

    I know that feeling, Dan. Though my output will never rival yours. I looked around the table at Coffee Obsession a couple of weeks ago and four of the five people at the table were drinking from my mugs. The fifth one, yours truly, was drinking from a DF I won in the recent Finnegan Demo Pot auction. That’s community at its best, isn’t it?

  3. htbinnc

    I can completely relate, Dan. A mug I bought from you when Richard and I came to visit way back in Fall of 02 has been my all-time favorite mug and I use it every single day. Tea out of any other mug just doesn’t quite have that same satisfaction as drinking it out of one of yours. It just feels so right in my hand…


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