Contest Update

    Sunday is the big prize drawing for my January contest. A number of you have figured out the unpublished rules (it ain’t rocket science!) and you are welcome to vote early and often.
    I’m farm sitting this week as I finish off the last of my ‘Bedrock’ sculptures. Hoping to get snowed in there?
    I plan to climb back on that Shimpo Whisper Wheel next week and begin throwing. Once that begins, it’s hard to keep the rest of life in order as obsession returns.


6 Responses to “Contest Update”

  1. Hollis Engley

    Wait a minute. If I was able to do rocket science I wouldn’t be making pots. “Unpublished rules”???? What is this, the Car Guys’ Puzzler? And are you doing product placement in the blog for Shimpo?

  2. Hollis Engley

    But seriously, folks … Hey, Daniel. I just put two bowls in the mail for this weekend’s Empty Bowls thing. Priority Mail, which I think means they should arrive by Saturday at the latest. Maybe tomorrow, though. I sent them to Liberty Town, so they’ll be delivered there. Have a great dinner.

  3. Deise Carelli

    Deise Carelli
    I loved your work! By the way, I live nearby Cunha, a small Brazilian town that became quite famous because of the Noborigama stoves used to burn ceramic.


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