"Clay and Blogs : Telling a Story"

If you put your ear to the ground the rumble that you are beginning to hear is made by the potter/blogger fellowship as we make our way from near and far to North Carolina and the exhibition organized by Meredith Heywood that opens this weekend. Hollis and Dee visited this morning for breakfast as they wend their way south from Cape Cod. They might get the prize for coming the furthest?!
     I won’t be there myself, but it will be a terrific show with the work of 50 potters who also write. Perhaps some are writers who also make pots?
The exhibition is titled: “Clay and Blogs : Telling a Story” and will be held at Campbell House Gallery in Southern Pines, NC for the month of October.
    I also spent some time today on a project that I’m now calling the British Invasion (part II). We are bringing Hannah and Doug to the US next spring (!) for a series of workshops and there are lots of bits and pieces that need attending for it to be a success.
I’ve been passing this sign on the way to the studio for a week or two.  
Sounds painful…
A while ago I showed one half of the mural that covers most of my old shop on Hanover Street. Here’s the other half for your viewing pleasure.
I love how it is eroding…sorry about that, Warren!

from l. to r.  Mick Casson, Maria Martinez, Warren McKenzie, Beatrice Woods, Elijah Comfort 

You’ve seen this right hand side already…if you’re really paying attention…

8 Responses to “"Clay and Blogs : Telling a Story"”

  1. Dennis Allen

    Yeah, potters who write. If the potting doesn’t work out we have that lucrative poetry to fall back on. I would love to come to a Hannah workshop.

  2. cookingwithgas

    Oh that would hurt and how would you decide which are the some- what a guessing game!
    I held some of your pots today- it was a treat!
    Also would like to know when you are getting them here. (the UK duo)
    I am very interested!

  3. Tracey Broome

    hmmmmm, I think Peter coming from New Zealand for the show wins for distance, but Hollis might win for selling one of the first pieces. I was at the gallery today and saw a red dot on one of his bowls! I’ll be picking Peter up on Wednesday to get him down to Seagrove. Lots of buzzing going on, you are right!

  4. John Bauman

    Wow, what a cool event. I hope I somehow end up on some mailing list-notification if Hannah makes it over here. Lots of folks I’d like to meet some day.

  5. Anna

    I am so excited about the “British Invasion”. With all the interest already mentioned here I hope you know to reserve me a spot! I will not miss it. Crazy dog or no.

  6. Hannah

    Snap Mr Fitch, very excited and very scared! What a life we have, looking forward to meeting many more blogging potters in the US.


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