Caroline County Meander

I drove to the outer reaches of the county this morning to deliver some pots to the gift shop at the new Visitor’s Center in Carmel Church. They have a big fossil of a whale hanging in the lobby. It was dug somewhere nearby. As I headed back to my studio I took some back roads and discovered Boone Antiques, the biggest, baddest antique store I’ve ever seen. Really, it’s a warehouse and maybe as big as 30,000 square feet. Mostly full of old furniture, beautifully cared for and lined up as far as the eye can see (almost). Literally thousands of pieces. Nothing I could afford, but a real treat to see so much beautiful old wood. I have a thing for chairs and a couple of the photos below show the entire floor full of amazing ones. Probably 100 genuine Windsor chairs, each being sold for more than $1,000.00. Almost no pots, sad to say, but I did buy a nice salt glazed crock that I’ll show you later. This first photo is a three-drawer chest with the best fake books you’ll see.

Eventually I made my way to Bowling Green and had lunch at a little 14 seat restaurant that serves burgers and fries and Thai food! How can I resist? Tofu with cashews…mmmmm.

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  1. Incognito

    I’ve been to that same restaurant in Bowling Green; wasn’t it something? Very nice people operating it, too.

    Thanks for opening up some new places to see in our neighboring county.

  2. Dan Finnegan

    I think it’s called Jack’s Place or something like that and they are nice, happy to accommodate my vegetarian request.
    Any chance you’d email and tell me who you are? ‘incognito’ is very mysterious!


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