Cape Cod Potters

Several years ago (5!) I taught a workshop for the Cape Cod Potters group that was very well received and I’m happy to be going back for a second command performance this weekend. The CCP asked me to judge an exhibition that opened a couple of weeks ago at the Cape Cod Museum of Art and the weekend will begin with a talk there by yours truly followed by two days of demonstrations at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham. I understand that the CCP is offering bargain basement prices for the workshop, including lunch, so if you’re in the neighborhood, there’s no reason not to join us! I usually tell lots of tales of my days in England while making a variety of pots. The photos below are from my last appearance there.

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  1. Incognito

    Nice invitation, Mr. Engley, but I think I’ll stay here in this semi-mild dry state of Virginia and hope to catch Dan Finnegan live at Libertytown soon. I LOVE Cape Cod, but usually come up a little bit later in the season.

    Have a great visit!


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