Bread Plates, Bowls and Folk Art

More work from  firing #8 and my photo studio. Last night was our First Friday Reception in the gallery at Libertytown and I put together a good looking display of work for sale. Lynette and her husband bought the extra large and extra juicy combed vase and a few other new pots found homes as well.
The plates and bowls are about 7 1/2″ across.
The bird sculptures are only 5-6″ tall. 
The little man is a first for me. Beth thinks he is a donut salesman!
The last one is a ‘Perfume Bottle’, the top being a stopper.

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  1. Linda Starr

    The interior of those bowls is wonderful, the little man reminds me of a gumby toy, remember those. I bet you have fun making the folk art, I love the whimsical in ceramics, the inner child of the artist.


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