Jason and I have have been pretty pleased with our tile efforts so far and I hope to take the next step with them for this firing. I started playing with books as you may remember last fall….this is the next logical step. These first two photos are the originals that we will cast in plaster…they will be 8″x8″ when finished and I imagine a fair bit of hand decorating will happen after each impression is made. I plan to make several different ones so that they won’t get repetitious if using a bunch in a row.
Ready to make 2 1/2 lb. bread plates…3 dozen and one 12 lb. bowl.
I’ve been slowly finishing the big pots that I made last week. A lot of work for someone who doesn’t think of himself as a decorator. I’ve been working on this decoration for some time…but now it has a name…”Barrel Stave”…for what I hope is obvious reasons.
I’m saving this beauty for Michael Kline to decorate when he and Ron visit!
sort of a Ray Finch homage…

15 Responses to “Bookends”

  1. Joe Troncale

    423Wow. Really beautiful pots and the decoration is really going to turn out supurbly, I am sure…
    The bookends are cool. Did I understand that you are making those to make molds so that you can reproduce them? Really nice idea…

  2. Ron

    Hey, I like that barrel deco. Looking forward to seeing you soon. What are you saving for me?…clean laundry to hang out?


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