Bonus Weather

A bonus snowfall that totally fooled the weather prognosticators fell yesterday morning and gave us a few inches of beautiful powdery snow, much like the snow I grew up with in Buffalo, NY (average yearly snowfall – 96″!). Usually we have an icy, wet mix here in the Rappahanock River Valley but the frigid air we’re experiencing right now makes a big difference.

I drove out to the studio after helping to sweep the parking lot at Libertytown for our First Friday reception later in the evening. It was fun to try out the four wheel drive coming through the woods. Snow was a foot high in places.
Once the studio warmed up I got back to my little sculptures. They (or I) are slow going, but I’m having a blast and as these little landscapes have been developing I continue to be entirely amused by them. Lots of Dr. Suess there, I suppose.

This one has some 6-tile slip on it. I have a tendency to want to fuss too much with the decoration. Note to self…cut it out.

And all of a sudden my little birdies are coming back with a vengeance. Each requires 6 parts:
-tail feather
-2 wings
They are maybe an inch long. I have always liked to make little things. I couldn’t do it all day , but once in a while I’ll find that particular groove and moving slow as I am, it’s a perfect one. The guy at the top fell and his beak got a good bash…of course, he’s my favorite. (and please don’t ask me how I know his sex…!?)

The afternoon turned blue sky and brilliant sun. Emily, Ellie and I blew thousands bubbles that sped across the pure white landscape. The snow, like the bubbles, won’t last long here, but is exquisite just the same. I know that our friends in England might be a bit overwhelmed by their wintry weather and I hope everyone is keeping warm and drinking plenty of tea and whiskey. I will soon be doing one or the other in front of a fire, myself. Cheers!

9 Responses to “Bonus Weather”

  1. FuturePrimitive got it too! we got tea, but we don’t got whiskey.
    like the pot with the spiral…nice work Dan x
    how DO you know that birdie is a boy…*ahem*

  2. Hollis Engley

    Nice to see the Finnegan Compound in its wintry garb. And to know someone’s working in that building on the left. Very cool. Love the birds, too. I fired today, opening tomorrow.

  3. Michael Kline

    Dan: Those “tableaus” are very interesting. It’s always inspiring to me to see you taking the time to work on your sculptural work.

    No whiskey in the house tonight, but there’s whiskey in Spruce Pine! The ABC store opening last fall.

    Our bevy tonight is Red Stripe!

  4. Mirinda

    “I have miles to go before I sleep…”
    We are doing clay birds as well with my 46 seven-yr.olds- they would love to see yours. I am so glad that you have found new paths of expression.
    Instead of painting this past month, I’ve been constructing very rotund clay nuns,skiing with arms full of parcels and the wind blowing their “habits’. Will blog soon…..


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