Birds of a Feather

I added a bunch of birds to this tree-like vase and several leaf sprigs before slipping and glazing it. What this has to do with making pots for everyday use I’m not quite sure, and it verges on being cute, although the palette and trial by fire should mellow it nicely. I like the challenge of giving these tiny things a unique character…kind of like the terra cotta warriors, each an individual (how’s that for presumptuous?!)

 My good friend Bill Thornton finished hooking up LibertyTown’s new electric kiln. I don’t think that there is any one worth buying except L. & L. and Bill heartily agrees. Great design and easy to maintain. We’re challenging Beth to keep it this shiny for a long time!

 This gives us three kilns now and should make everyone’s life a bit easier.  They have a programmable computer and I’ve never learned how to fire them (on purpose). I am not a mechanic and if it weren’t for Bill I’d be lost. Wood kilns, I understand.

6 Responses to “Birds of a Feather”

  1. Anna

    Yay! The new kiln is ready!! Thanks for that Dan. And the tree? Cute or not…and I agree that the wood flame will make it.

  2. Alex Solla

    New Kilns are such a tease. Shiny and bright, no dust anywhere. No cracks. Almost makes it a challenge to see when the first scorch marks will start showing up around the peephole. Love those L&Ls. Almost time for us to get one of the DaVinci models. ENJOY!


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