Bird Identification in Virginia

Since I’ve decided to make an entire flock of these critters, I need a tracking system of some sort or other. I once did a ‘100 Fishes” project, a limited edition of small vases, no two alike, numbered and recorded in a lovely book that Paul made for me. Of course, it wouldn’t do to repeat that trick, so I’ve decided that, like the National Weather Service names hurricanes, so shall I name the birds…alphabetically…starting with mens’ names. These smaller lidded guys are, from left to right, Ignatz, Hiram and Knute. Laurence didn’t make it into the photo. Of course, I don’t name them until each is done, since I’d like to think that in some way their character helps suggest the correct moniker.
Dennis Allen suggested, and Megan identified, the similarity between the long necked bird in my last blog post and Feathers McGraw from the Wallace and Gromit claymation series. I often show their videos when I teach workshops!

    These are the last things I’ll make stateside this summer, I leave Wednesday for Scotland and then back to my old home away from home in England. Hannah, Toff and Doug are all on the itinerary as well as visiting the pottery show at “the Pens” in Penrith.
Last evening we had a ferocious ‘microburst’ storm that ravaged trees all over town. I watched a neighbor’s ancient oak tree go over in what seemed like slow motion. Another crushed a big fence at LibertyTown and others went down in a very localized area. We’ve been in big drought and I believe that it has undermined the stability of some big old beauties. If you look close you can see the manhole cover that was lifted right out of the ground!

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  1. Linda Starr

    Great idea about naming your birds in sequence. What a shame the old trees toppling over. When there is a drought I make a point to give extra water to my trees to help them along, but sometimes that’s not possible. sounds like a great trip you’ll be taking.

  2. Hollis Engley

    Yikes. Nothing more fierce than a summer thunderstorm. Enjoy Scotland and take our best wishes to Hannah, Doug and Toff and his family.

  3. cookingwithgas

    A trip!
    That sounds like such a fun trip and going off to see friends abroad!
    I love the birds and wonder if there is a Hollis or Ron in there somewhere?
    I had a friend who made some of these and they reminded me of my father and the bags he carried under his eyes after years as a newspaper man.
    Have a great trip and do send our best.
    oh and the bird on the bird-love it!

  4. -Rob, Simple Circle Studios

    The birds are looking mighty fine there sir. And the naming is a good idea. They would probably feel a bit down in the beak if they did not have proper names. Keep those little birdies coming! Safe travels and such.


    wow your birds look fantastic they have such character. I lived in Scotland for four years its a beautiful place. Also I’ve been to potfest in Penrith before its a great event. Hope you have fun!


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