Bird Barrage…Small Stuff

With the first day of 95 degree temperatures upon us I am hiding in the A/C and numbing my brain with too much photography/computer time. Here are some of the smaller pieces from the firing. There are still mediums and larges to come!
Of course, you should click on the images to enlarge them. It’s one of the few things I can make Blogger do.
 Xena (detail)
Zelda & Yvonne (8″h)
Francis (10.5″h)
Carafes (7″h)
Dirk ((9.5″h) he gets a feather in his hat when I find the right one
Kirby, Francis & Celia (8″-10.5″h)
Xena (11″h)
Celia (detail) that’s supposed to be Milway’s fish!
Roger ((9.5″h)
Max (9.5″h)
Francis (detail)

14 Responses to “Bird Barrage…Small Stuff”

  1. ang walford

    awesome images dan…glad you have blogger in your hands the pics are great big!!! love the crackle across the feathers too..

  2. Christine

    If I had seen such colours as these earlier in my life it might have changed the course of my potting life, (firing temperature/method wise). They are just beautiful.

  3. Susan Wyatt

    Dan, I hope they come close to everything you were hoping for. Those of us out here looking at them cannot imagine that they could look any better than they do. Really fantastic stuff.


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