Big Boys…and a Return to Chattering

I’ll never be a great big pot maker but it’s thrilling to take ’em on!
10 -15 lb. planters…still to be slipped and combed.
I have, from time to time, played with ‘chattering’ on the surface of my pots.  I like any decorating that involves the wheel going ’round and ’round. Traditionally the ‘divots’ would be filled with a contrasting colored slip and then scraped back to reveal the diamond shape in strong contrast. I used to use glazes that pooled to highlight the effect…now it is slips with salt working the edges. The old tricks are the still my favorites, just adapted to suit my own muse.
6″long metal banding…split length-wise. Very flexible
The tool bounces like an old fashioned typewriter…if the clay is right, if the angle and pressure of the metal is right, if the wheel speed is right…it’s easy!

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  1. Hollis Engley

    Nice pots, Daniel. I’ve adapted a form of chattering from your method, using the same kind of steel strapping but striking the wet or leather-hard pot as it turns. Works well with runny ash glazes.


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