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More Old Pots

Mighty busy these last few days: meeting with city officials all week hoping to get some support for LibertyTown, First Friday opening reception, Bowl-o-rama Saturday (we make bowls at LibertyTown for Empty Bowls), new helper Jason arrived Saturday evening to move in to his new digs, late night playoff games courtesy of my wonderful DVR and today… Read more »

Back in the (photo) Studio

After my last firing I barely got photos of the birds taken before life just got too hectic. I never did shoot any of the ‘real’ pots so I’m playing catch up now. Sadly, a lot of good pots are already gone, but there are plenty of gems left.  side-handled casseroleI’m more than ready to… Read more »

New Year – Old Pots

Over at the Whynot Pottery blog, Meredith and Mark have lost leave of their senses and have written a very flattering description of their visit to Fredericksburg last week. They have obviously ‘drunk the kool-aid‘ and fallen under my spell! Thanks so much for the visit and the too kind words. More reasons to love… Read more »

Whynot Pottery Visits Fredericksburg!

It was so great to meet Meredith and Mark today…they are on an extended holiday journey and kindly included us in their plans (and returned pots from the blog show). I gave them the full-on tour which includes a walk through LibertyTown, lunch next door at Primavera and then the 11 mile drive out of… Read more »

Long Time, No See

Hello there, old friends. The combination of a gimpy computer and a hectic holiday season has conspired to keep me from any posting lately. I hope that you enjoyed seeing photos of John and Yoko and Allen Green in the meantime. A nice teapot group.    We had a stellar December at LibertyTown and our… Read more »

The Copper Shop…and a Tribute

When I was a kid and everyone had to choose their favorite Beatle I was firmly in George Harrison’s camp. As I grew older and more rebellious my loyalties shifted to John Lennon. His shooting and death really knocked me back 30 years ago.  I visited My old friend Allen Green yesterday to drop off… Read more »

Student Pottery Sale

I made Rabah pose for me. He might have a future…. It’s not too late to stop by LibertyTown for the last day of our annual Student Sale. It’s great to see our newer students get the courage up to put their work in front of the public and take home some cash for their… Read more »

Heading West

I am heading to Lewisburg, WV this morning in the rain and wind to deliver a bunch of small pots and a couple of birds. Gary Roper and his family have a wonderful gallery that is always full of beautiful work. It’s the Washington Street Gallery is you’re ever in the neighborhood!

More Photos of the Fledglings

From 3 1/4″ to 6″ tall I’ve had very little time to inspect pots and I’m hoping to get an early start tomorrow. but I did have some time to take a few more photos of the wee ones. I’m pleased with these photos, but as always, they can be better. I think I need… Read more »

Taking Photos Already

(Check out my last post for photos of the pots in the kiln. And don’t forget next week’s online sale!) I was able to sort through pots most of the day and just started rubbing them down before it grew dark. I’m done with 12 hour days for a while! There was one little area… Read more »

Full Frontal Pottery

I thought a provocative title might attract a few more readers this morning. (if your reading this perhaps it worked!?) Here are shots of the pots and birds in situ…I barely got them out of the kiln before dark so I’ve only had a brief look. I plan on spending the next few days getting… Read more »

Special Sneak Preview

I just returned home from the studio after spending the the day unloading the kiln (and talking). In brief, I can happily say that it was the best firing yet with lots of gems and tons of good, everyday pots. I love warm pots but the top of both chambers are still too chocolatey as… Read more »

Now, the Long Wait…

We finished firing 23 hours ago and even after a 10 hour sleep I am feeling depleted. I wonder how many calories are burned, how many electrolytes are consumed, how much weight might be lost? Where’s that personal trainer, chef and masseuse when you need them?  Michael Littlefield and Luke tending the fire. As I… Read more »

All Set

I don’t usually shoot the kiln from this angle…the chimney is rising there on the right and the wood pile is on the left. Two chambers and a firebox in between. Ready for a 24 hour marathon. ( Dennis Allen says he likes to see the kiln in all it’s glory. It is my pride… Read more »

Foregoing Poker

You know it’s crunch time when I pass on the fortnightly poker game with my pals, but I’m worn out and I light ol’ #9 tomorrow evening. Instead it’ll be a bowl of soup and a wee nip of scotch before an early bedtime. Stay tuned for a full report…

A Long Wednesday

First chamber pretty much done 75% loaded. Still have the front stack of the second chamber…and then the wickets (that’s the door for you modern types). Totally different weather today brisk winds, clear skies and a bit warmer. More perfection! Thanks to Beth for heroic wad making and other mundanities.  Second chamber two shelves deep…. Read more »

Rainy Days and Tuesdays…

…are perfect for kiln loading. Wadding doesn’t dry out! What a gift! I’m working long hours and, as ever, enjoying the exquisite pain of assembling the 3 dimensional puzzle that we call a kiln. My back aches and I can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow!  The last pots for this firing…combing and pouring… Read more »

Kiln Loading Eve

I lost most of yesterday to car troubles so, on the day I was to turn my thoughts to kiln loading, I was catching up on a variety of tasks. As I was driving home I was thinking about the number of different activities that can fill a day.  Even before I got to the… Read more »

Health Update

A year ago I was getting out of the local hospital after undergoing surgery for colon cancer. Although no picnic, that whole procedure went along as well as it could and I’ve been feeling fit for a long time now. Today I got a colonoscopy as a follow up and got a clean bill of… Read more »


With just a few days of throwing left I’m making some kiln fillers and space maximizers. I haven’t made salt and pepper shakers seriously for a long time. They were fun. The form developed from a bud vase I’ve made tons of crossed with a candlestick/goblet stem. Only after I’d made a few did I… Read more »

Whew! I Thought I’d Lost You!

For some reason Mr. Blogger wouldn’t let me access my dashboard for the last week or so and I feared that I had lost you all….all of a sudden it seems to back to normal (thanks Anna). It was really bugging me to think I’d have to start anew.  And so, onward and upward!   … Read more »

5 Weeks To Go

Beakers I am certain to have w-a-y too many pots by the time I load the kiln in mid November. That is an ideal situation to pack a kiln…lots of choices. So I’m feeling no pressure and really getting lots thrown. I finished up these cups and have since thrown larger bowls, 1 pint jugs,… Read more »

You Asked For It: Issue #1

Brandon asked a good question of a previous post of mine.  I mentioned that I raw glaze and that I glaze the insides first with a liner and later slip them. His question was, ‘how do you keep the slip from getting on the glaze’? It is a probably doing things backwards, but here’s why… Read more »