Ask Mr. Finnegan

I never know what the proper protocol for replying to questions left by commentators is….here are a couple of answers to recent questions…
Loren asked about the tiles that we put on the bagwall:
There’s no doubt that putting all the tiles on the bagwall altered the flame path as it passed through the gaps between…we lowered the bagwall first, and my plan is to replace the tiles each firing. There seemed to be a lot more velocity to the flame as it passed through the narrow gaps. The pots just inside of the tiles were quite blasted with both ash and salt!
Several folks asked about how I define a ‘standard’ sized teapot. I make up to 6 different sizes of teapots (I wish more folks bought them!) so over the years they have all gotten different names. Mini, 1 cup, small, standard, large and extra large (sometimes known as megatron). The standard size is for sharing; it holds 3 pints of nectar!
And then there is the Kit Kat question. For all of my fellow Kit Kat lovers out there…I suggest that you contact your local elected representative and lobby them to break the embargo. Over the big pond in the land of Hannah and Doug and Paul and Toff and Georgie (you get the idea) the shops are full of orange flavored…and mint…and caramel…and dark chocolate!?  Here at home, milk chocolate is our only choice. Maybe if we refuse to pay the Kit Kat tax and hurl them into the harbor we can bring about change.
Stay tuned for more answers from our new show here at DFSP when “Ask Mr. Finnegan” returns for another installment.