An Homage to the Other DF

A couple of cool candlesticks flanking “Doug’s Jug”( tallest is 17”)
In case you think that all I do is make beaks, bird feet and turn thousands of little balls of clay into feathers, I submit the following pots to calm you down and provide some balance for anyone who has had enough of my avian flu. I’m still making the birds (over 100 now!) but it feels great to fill up boards with wheel thrown pots. I was thinking of Doug and Hannah’s visit when I made the ‘jug’ in the middle. I grabbed a few leaves from around the studio and learned that it takes more patience than I had today to really cover the pot. Still,  I’m hoping that this new blue/black slip will be a winner.
I haven’t made these serving dishes in a few years. They used to be a standard  part of any making cycle.
I’ve made a bunch of these, with plans to stack ’em even higher.

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