A Whole New Pace

I’m starting to get an idea of what full time bird making is like. I am used to making LOTS of pots when I get to the studio…some weeks I’d throw and finish a 100 pots or more. That’s the Winchcombe way and it has served me well all these years. Now it can take all day to finish a couple of pieces…and I’m starting to grow more comfortable with this new series of ‘tasks’ that make up a clay  day.  Throwing the pieces happens in just an hour or two…assembly is another story.
 Putting the birds on top of pots is an obvious next step and each becomes it’s own little (or eventually big) pedestal. I plan to keep the bases very simple this time around, but there is lots of potential for involving them more in the future. 
These Martin Brothers inspired pots are starting to morph into something more ‘me’ as you can see from the photo below. I’ve twitching I’m so excited about making a giant ‘totem pole’ version of this.
My first ‘Bird on Bird on Bird Action’

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  1. Jen Mecca

    I hope I get to see one of these in person one day. I love when the bird is looking at you out of the corner of his eye…these are just great Dan!

  2. Christine H S

    It is fascinating to watch your bird explorations develop. I was thinking about how having the skill base of years of structured making behind you, your new departure has burst out with immediate skill and presence. Not to mention the fantastic finish you achieved on the firat ones. Exciting, and becoming more you every time.

  3. jimgottuso

    great birds dan… fun to see their evolution. i’m actually one of the few people in my state that believes in evolution. the beak on the one on the left in the top pic is a very nice beak!


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