A Little Handle Tutorial

Last week I posted photos of these serving dishes and Ron wrote asking for more details. I do love finding ways to add handles to my pots and I’m particularly interested in the seams that result by not blending them in. This type of handle exaggerates that idea.

So, first make yourself a plate…or platter…or bowl. Wide rim optional.
Get some handle clay.
Pull a handle. I usually pull enough to get a bunch at a time. I didn’t this time. (It’s just a demo, y’know). 

My thumb makes the groove. This is 4″ long.  

The handle is fatter where it meets the rim and tapers on the outside edge.
As I push down I am forcing the clay to divide equally on the front and backside of the rim.
(My other hand is usually supporting the backside but it’s holding the camera here!)
First it looks like this…
…and then I refine it like this.
This is the backside.

There is no reason that you couldn’t blend all these seams in and get just as nice a piece. Just different!

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