A Few Birds from #11

my favorite
‘A Lurking Sympathy’ 
A Flock of Vases
Butter Dish
Pedestal Bowl w/ 4 Birds 
World’s Smallest Birds…(That’s a penny in front!)
Pedestal Bowl w/ 2 Birds

13 Responses to “A Few Birds from #11”

  1. Hollis Engley

    Sorry about assuming you’d been invited to Demarest. Naturally, Daniel, I thought they’d invited someone of the same caliber as the usual makers.

  2. Tracey Broome

    Oh my gosh Dan!!! These are amazing!!!!!!! I would like for that last bowl to be under my tree on Christmas morning! I looked at these over and over, so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cookingwithgas

    what does one say when faced with something done so well that words will not do justice.
    Can I just say oh, my and somehow you will know how absolutely wonderful these are?
    Or can I just let you know that each and everyone have such personality that I see a flock of Lawyers getting ready for court. and the books…..Oh my, my, my…

  4. smartcat

    These are soooooo cooooollll!!! They all have distinct personalities……nattering nabobs? I want to hold them. Is it the season? I just finished a small flock myself……TOTALLY different from yours. I love seeing different interpretations of a subject.


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