50 Shots of Courage

I won’t fire again until the autumn, but I am trying to get a head start before I spend a good chunk of the summer with my British ‘cousins’. I’ve been doing lots of testing lately, and I love to sell my test tiles! You will notice that these are my classic ‘juice cup’ form. Very mystical stuff…I’m no Doug Fitch, but I do think about getting a proper video camera…this is fun!

8 Responses to “50 Shots of Courage”

  1. angela walford

    off to hide away for a cooler summer dan…brilliant idea have a super time!! and some very sweet shot cups but a cool blues toboot..nice

  2. potterboy

    Oh, it’s lovely to see a craftsman at work – that second video is lovely. What is that tool you use on the foot (not the cutting one, the white one?)

    The first video made me laugh a lot. More please 🙂

  3. John Bauman

    Those little test cups are the evil sirens of the pottery world. You test glazes on them and they come out BEAUTIFULLY…

    …thereby seducing you to use the new glaze on “real” pots. It’s only then you realize the artifice, the deceit, the treachery…

    …those little test cups are the ONLY time that glaze will EVER come out perfectly.

    You will spend the rest of your days and most of your slaved-over inventory trying and trying to make one more pot that comes out as good as the little test cup.

    Just one.

    Please, god, before I die.

    Just one.

    …or two.


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