400 Little Ideas

Who doesn’t like a rainbow? This being my 400th blog entry, it seemed appropriate. We get some fierce-some thunder and lightening storms here in steamy Ol’ Virginny and it’s not unusual to see a rainbow…even double rainbows! Always a sign to stop and take a slow breath. Or drive into a parking lot, dash out of the car and take a quick snap…
I just finished a series of 11 bird vases…these are the silliest. 
I’ve been planning to make vases for a while but got my motivation to start after seeing a pot on Jenny Mendes’s blog
 It was an interesting (and colorful) spark.
I have been slowly finding my way into making books out of clay. I’ve made a bunch of very small ones which i’ll show you another time. This one is about the size of a fat paperback and is hollow. My idea is to have a bird or two sitting on a book as a base…even stacking ‘books’ for a taller base. I have cot a nice size hole in the bottom half of the cover and I’ll make a bird lid to fit. I guess it becomes an inkwell?! This is a case of an idea that comes as I develop an original thought…I hadn’t thought of the book as a vessel. My original plan was to attach a bird to it permanently.
I used to have a slip I called ‘old leather book’…I’m hoping that I can recreate it.

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  1. cookingwithgas

    the vases made me chuckle and the birds have such a look on their faces as if surprised to have all those blooms coming out of their heads.
    And books- love the books…
    PS there was rumor you might come this way, is that still a possibility?


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