39 Down…261 To Go

It takes about 300 pots to fill my kiln and hence the making cycle is a long one. I find that I procrastinate and find reasons not to begin. It’s not because I don’t want to make pots, because there are few things that bring me as much pleasure and contentment. I think the real reason is the certain knowledge that once I’m underway, nothing else is very interesting…the obsession takes hold again…so I dither, taking care of business that I’ll soon be ignoring.
One way to delay is to make a list.

Eventually though, I weigh up some balls o’ clay and sit myself down at the wheel. It was a perfect autumn day and the view and the gentle breeze were delightful. 2 and 1/4 lb. bread plates are an easy warm-up and I made 30 this afternoon. Some of my favorite pots from the last firing were these simple pots with old fashioned slip combing.

There was a time (about 20 years ago) that I altered the shape of lots of my wheel thrown pots. I got over it and concluded that it was too much about cleverness for me and lacked the simplicity that I strive for. But these little oval pots continue to amuse me, and I plan on making a bunch.