Thanks to everyone who took the time to help me keep at this blog writing thing-y.
I’m heading out to light up the kiln for the 12th time today. As ever, expectations are high and I’m always eager to throw sticks on a fire.
I hope to resume normal activity here next week when everything settles down. I think I’m just going to ‘pay the man’ for more space. Any other solution requires more of me than I am able or willing to do.

9 Responses to “#12”

  1. Michael Kline

    You know, you could just write more and use less pictures. But in this visually rich medium, it’s easier to tell the story in pictures.

    Have a great firing Dan! Watch out for bees.

  2. John Bauman

    I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a while. I didn’t realize this was a problem. Thanks for the heads up. From now on I’ll add pictures directly to my monitor with a crayon.

  3. Ron

    Happy firing Dan!!! Sorry to hear about the mess on blogger. $5 seems okay and that much space will last a good long time.


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