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My Origin Story!

I received a bulky package in the mail today from my one and only Uncle Mike! He was going through papers from his father, my grandfather, John Jerome Murray. The package contained dozens of letters that I wrote to him and my grandmother in the mid-1970’s…when I left home at 18 I didn’t really ever… Read more »

Firing Ruminations

The firing that I first thought might happen last Wednesday eventually happened on Monday. Now the kiln is cooling and I’ll unload tomorrow. The firing of the first chamber lasts about 16 hours and I start early in the morning so we’re not here too late into the evening. I hate getting up early, but… Read more »

It’s Firing Season!

I’m loading the first of 3 firings on the trot. This photo shows the back half of the chamber loaded up. I’ve never had a a sabbatical, it seems I’m always juggling the ‘make-fire-sell’ circus. But I did manage to set aside a rare chunk of time this winter to do nothing but make and… Read more »

Looking Forward

A potter’s life is all about cycles…I made pots like mad this winter, tucked away in my studio in the woods, and then 3 firings in a few short weeks before, as the last pots are cooling, loading up the van and putting in some miles to do the shows needed to pay the bills…. Read more »

Pots for the Holidays!

I never imagined the interest in my Brown Friday sale would be so keen. With plenty of pots remaining we will continue to sell them at LibertyTown until our Open House (December 12th). I will have ALL NEW WORK ready on the 12th including a NEW FLOCK OF BIRDS! Today was the day I had… Read more »


Autumn is my favorite season and it was made even more interesting 3 years ago when we opened the doors for the very first “Pottery on the Hill” exhibition and sale. I never did many shows myself, which makes me an unlikely organizer of an event like this, but with plenty of good advise and… Read more »

Virginia Earth: Ceramic Arts at the Portsmouth Arts and Cultural Center

This exhibition runs until October 18th. Artists include Sukjin Choi, David Crane, Kevin Crowe, Randy and Catherine Edmonson, Dan Finnegan, Warren Frederick, Steven Glass, Silvie Granatelli, Chris Gryder, Diane Hottenstein, Mike Jabbur, Marlene Jack, John Jessiman, Elizabeth Kendall, Andrea Keys, Barbra Kobylinska, Josh Manning, Dale Marhanka, Stephen Marder, Richard Nickel, Adam Paulek, Bill Pinkham, Brian… Read more »

On The Road Again

I was born and grew up in Buffalo, New York and I’ve lived in Fredericksburg, Virginia since 1980, but I also call a little picturesque village on the edge of the Cotswolds home as well. I spent the late 1970’s living there in the west of England, mostly as the teaboy and general dogsbody at… Read more »

Potters of Madison County

I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to this 5th annual show in Marshall, North Carolina on April 5th, 2014. It’s nice to return to NC again with my work and to share a venue with plenty of other fine potters. If you can’t make that show perhaps you can join Gay… Read more »

Dan Finnegan – Star of Stage and Screen

Several years ago I was asked to be the subject of a short film by a young local filmmaker, Timothy Ryan Poe. It was an interesting process and I really like what he did. If you know me at all, you know that I can be a bit overenthusiastic, but this film shows a very… Read more »

Buttoned Up and Letting Go

I have been mooching around the kiln the last couple of days, taking care of a variety of odd jobs as I fill time before Wednesday evenings ignition. I often struggle with the timing of my firings…it’s the one part of my working life that I can’t do alone and juggling the schedule of my… Read more »

Pottery on the Hill the 3rd

October 31, November 1 and 2 Washington, D.C. Preview Reception Friday, October 31, 6:30 p.m. Tickets: $25/advance, $30/day of Purchase tickets Pottery Show & Sale Saturday, November 1, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, November 2, 12 Noon-4 p.m. Free admission Preview Reception Friday, October 31, 6:30 p.m. Tickets: $25/advance, $30/day of Purchase tickets online or call… Read more »

Making Choices

I am choosing pots for my upcoming exhibition at the Cooley Gallery in Leesburg, Va.  The opening is this Friday night, April 4th, from 6 – 9pm. I have participated in very few exhibitions over the years and when I have, they have tended to be as part of a larger group show. This, for… Read more »

Old School

As promised, here are some of the earliest things I made while in college. The photos are rough but I still enjoy remembering those early days as I began to explore the possibilities and the limits of clay. I was lured to the ceramics class during my freshman year at S.U.C. at Geneseo, NY. after… Read more »

And Now, for Something Completely Different!

  My earliest work with clay tended toward the sculptural…I love this material…from industrial sanitary ware to the roughest of sculptural forms and most things in between. I left college (after 3 attempts) because I didn’t see a future for the work I was doing and the only other option that I could see was… Read more »

To NCECA or not to NCECA, that is the question…

I’ve been making pots now for 40 years and I’ve attended the NCECA conference just once (in Loiusville, Ky.) Each year as it approaches I have an ongoing internal struggle…it is a thrilling idea to  be surrounded by like-minded folks and to see all of the  exhibitions and sit in on some of the panel… Read more »

Bubba’s First Christmas

I chose not to fight my way through the snow/sleet/rain today, but I’d really like to be making pots  instead of bouncing around the house. I’ve spent way too much time at the computer lately and that makes it even harder to keep the ol’ blog going. I mentioned in my last post that I’ll… Read more »

A Winter Post

I had hoped to show you a few short films from the studio, but as is too often the case, Blogger won’t cooperate. This seems fitting as I am about to move from this platform to wordpress. I am having a very sweet new website built by Adam DeSio that we should have ready in… Read more »

Artistic Obligations

I have several exciting opportunities to show and sell my work this year and I’ve been revisiting the obligatory Biography and Artist’s Statement “My work stands at the intersection of traditional and contemporary pottery.  I have a particular interest in medieval European salt glaze and 17th century English slipware as result of my training at… Read more »

Dan Finnegan – Dumb Ass

Another good title for this would be “Pride goeth before the Fall” My studio is a fairly primitive place…no running water and no electricity (I run my wheel on a generator) and the littlest gas heater I can get away with. This is mostly by choice, both environmentally and financially motivated and a wee bit… Read more »

Tim turns 50!

My second to youngest brother, called Tim-mo by our grandfather, is 50 years old today. It kind of hurts…thinking of how fast life moves. But move it must and a lot has happened since my last post.     The 2nd Annual Pottery on the Hill show was another great event. Last year we were… Read more »

Monthly Update?

    I am just now getting into the groove of this life as a ‘retired gentleman’. The second annual Pottery on the Hill Show passed in a blur of great conversation, excellent sales and plenty of plain old labor to put it all together. The scale of the show is by its nature an… Read more »

# 15

Too much time has passed to catch you up since my last posting. Let’s just say that ‘retirement’ so far seems just as hectic as ever. The transition from ‘Art Center Director’ to full-time potter is still quite new. Once my travelling shoes were returned to the closet I had to go on an accelerated… Read more »

British Birds

    Well, I am back home (again!) and, after 4 months on the road this year I am ready to hunker down and make things!!! I am in a serious organizing mode since my return, but I must get a bag of clay opened soon and see what happens.         I saw… Read more »

Home Away from Home

Toff and Georgie’s home in the CotswoldsI depart for the U.K. tomorrow for my 34th visit. I first came to that Sceptered Isle in January of 1978 and I can’t explain how much I value all the time I’ve had and friends that I’ve made…I love being a part of this tiny village and the… Read more »